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Voices from Ithaca’s Farm to Plate Conference

In this photo, participants of the Ithaca’s first “Farm to Plate Conference” were learning how to grow mushrooms. It was just one of the many sessions offering participants a chance to “Unite to Create, Educate, and Celebrate a Sustainable and Just Local Food System.” The two-day conference was organized by the Groundswell Center for Local Food and Farming, the […]

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Farm to Plate: Nourishing Food for Everyone

Submitted by Jay Smith, Farm to Plate Conference Committee: Food for everyone, abundant and cheap.  Isn’t that part of our American Dream. When Norman Borlaug received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970 for his contributions to the Green Revolution of the 50’s and 60’s, it seemed like abundant, cheap food for everyone would be possible, ending starvation in […]

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Registration Now Open! Farm to Plate Conference, May 11-13

Featuring Keynote Speakers Raj Patel, Malik Yakini, Karen Washington & more! Ithaca, NY— Roots Rising Farm, Groundswell Center for Local Food and Farming, and the Food, Agroecology, Justice and Well-being Collective at Cornell are pleased to announce that registration is now open for the Finger Lakes Farm to Plate Conference: Uniting to Create, Educate, and Celebrate […]

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The Taste of Justice, by Noliwe Rooks

By Cornell Professor Noliwe Rooks in the Huffington Post: “…Poverty has one taste and justice another. Over the past few years we have heard quite a bit about food deserts, or high poverty areas where a lack of grocery stores makes it difficult for residents to purchase fresh food. However, we know far less about […]

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Ah ha moments in food justice

At the Communication to Collaboration meeting in December, about 40 people gathered in The Space @GreenStar to discuss improving our local food system. Members of the Feeding Our Future Network Planning Group described what’s been done locally to study hunger and food and explained that GreenStar Community Projects received a grant from The Community Foundation […]

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Fight for the right to have healthy food

In a wealthy country like the United States, health should be a right, not a privilege. However, lower-income individuals are more likely to suffer from chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, compared to higher-income individuals. According to scientific researchers, lower-income individuals are at greater risk for chronic diseases because they consume fewer healthy […]

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Health, food justice, and collective impact

A few years ago I became very interested in food justice, mainly because of the correlation between poor eating habits, poor foods, and a higher incidence of diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and cancer, particularly among communities of color. Although I don’t think anyone has the right to tell another person what to eat, I […]

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How to use your EBT card at the Ithaca Farmers Market

Here’s how to use your EBT card at the Ithaca Farmers Market. Learn more at the Ithaca Farmers Market website: “You’ll swipe your card just like normal at a grocery store, EXCEPT that you’ll need to stop by and make your transaction before shopping. Then, once your transaction is complete, along with your receipt you’ll […]