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Food: A Spiritual Connection

Written by Reverend Olivia Armstrong of the Rainbow Healing Center of America In the beginning, there was a garden. In the garden, there was the tree of Knowledge. Today trees are the spiritual foundation of life for all human beings. I believe all human beings come to earth full of potential like the seed we plant […]

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Reflections on Open Day at Ithaca Community Garden

For me, August 2nd was a day like being in Heaven. It was Ithaca Community Garden’s (ICG) Open Day in the community. Everyone was welcome to observe and come out and play. For me it was a chance loving another day at a community event …I’m so glad that I went. The Garden Tours were […]

Category: The Big Picture

Congo Square Market in full swing with Drumming Ceremony and more

Congo Square Market is a multicultural community that provides Jamaican, Ethiopian, Cuban, soul food and other farm produce and local goods, as well as music and visual art. Our goals are to encourage and develop community, personal health, and economic base on Ithaca’s south side. Congo Square Market’s fresh food and health services are supplemented […]