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Freezes kill peaches, but apples could rally

Two record-setting freezes have served up a double whammy for New York’s tree fruit crop. As a result, you won’t find many local apricots or peaches this summer. James Eve, owner of Eve Farm Service in Naples, NY, estimates that only 10% of the peach crop in the Lake Ontario fruit growing region has survived, […]

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Help your soil thrive in hotter, meaner weather

Hold onto your boots! Climate change is here. Is your soil ready? When Grant Gayman straddles the boundary line between his backyard and his neighbor’s cornfield in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, one boot is on his own turf and the other rests a step down — a whole 12 inches lower — in the dirt. Fifty years […]

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Harvesting Life Lessons: How the Youth Farm Project teaches teens a lot more than gardening

This article originally ran in the magazine, Green Teacher. Reprinted with permission from Green Teacher # 107, Fall 2015.  Digital and print subscriptions are available from or by calling 888-804-1486 (toll-free). Since she was 14-years-old, Rayna Joyce has been rising early on summer mornings to plant lettuce and pull weeds with two dozen other […]