Friendship Donations Network gives thanks

Friendship Donations Network gives thanks

From Friendship Donations Network President Carolyn Tomaino:

As we give thanks with our friends and families this Thanksgiving, we want to thank the supermarkets, convenience stores and food producers in Tompkins County that have been helping Friendship Donations Network provide nutritious food to needy households and feeding programs in our region since 1988.

A special thanks to the newly expanded Aldi Food Market in Ithaca for becoming the most recent donor. It joins other local supermarkets including BJs Wholesale Club, GreenStar Natural Foods Market, P&C Fresh, TOPS Supermarkets and Wegmans. Along with our other regular donors at Ithaca Bakery, Ithaca Farmers Market, Full Plate Farm Collective, Collegetown 7-Eleven, Longview and Statler Hotel, our 200+ volunteers reroute nutritious and mostly perishable surplus food that might otherwise be discarded. Each week the donations help over 2,000 people in our community who struggle with food scarcity.

In 2017, Collegetown 7-Eleven inspired its customers to address hunger in our community. Its customers donated $401 in spare change to a check-out donation jar for FDN’s programs.

Thank you to all our donors for helping put food on the table for our neighbors in need. A full list of donors and information on FDN can be found at

Carolyn Tomaino

President, Friendship Donations Network


Image credit: Photo by Carolyn Tomaino. The staff at Aldi’s newly expanded Ithaca store loads food donations on Nov. 12 for Friendship Donations Network. The donation included 107 pounds of produce and 75 pounds of hot dog buns. 

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