Recipe: Apple, Kale, and Celery Salad
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Recipe: Apple, Kale, and Celery Salad

From Early Morning Farm:

Apple, Kale, and Celery Salad

“…kale, massaged with vinegar and oil makes a perfect backdrop for the sweet, crunchy apples… Yes, I did say ‘massaged kale.’ Massaging the kale with just a bit of oil and vinegar before assembling your salad helps break down the leaves, and makes it easier for the dressing to stick to them. So wash your hands and dig right in! It just takes a minute…

“…this is a great salad, leafy greens, nuts, soft cheese, and dried fruit. The dressing is sweet with balsamic and maple syrup, perfect for balancing out the bitterness of the greens….”

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Photo courtesy of Early Morning Farm

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