Cider Week
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Cider Week Finger Lakes begins September 29

The annual Cider Week Finger Lakes celebration begins on September 29th and runs through October 8th. Daily events include the 35th Annual Downtown Ithaca Apple Festival, lectures and workshops, and opportunities to meet local cider makers. In addition, over 50 locations in the Finger Lakes region will be holding tastings and cider-paired meals.

Cider Week is a celebration of the cider revival in New York apple country. Cider was a mainstay in the diets of Americans, particularly those in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, from approximately 1650 to 1880. When American Prohibition went into effect, farms were banned from even growing apples traditionally used for cider making. With the modern focus on craft and gluten-free drinks, cider is now making a comeback.

It should be noted that the word “cider” does not mean the exact same thing in different parts of the world. I many countries, “cider” refers to the fermented, alcoholic variety, with “sweet cider” being non-alcoholic. In America, “cider” is the sweet variety, while “hard cider” is the alcoholic. The Cider Week website states that they use the international meaning of cider, which means the majority of offerings will be alcoholic.

A listing of major events can be found here, and further participating locations is here.

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