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Cornell Cooperative Extension Food Entrepreneurship Program

Press release from Cornell Cooperative Extension:

Do you love to cook?  Would you like to start or grow your own catering or food vending business?

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County (CCETC) is pleased to announce a free program for new and emerging caterers and food vendors. We are looking for people with low-to-moderate income who want to run their own business. If that is you then this program can provide support in terms of money for your permits, licenses and equipment, free use of our licensed kitchen, access to training, hands-on support from our staff, help with marketing and logistics, and education around business ownership. We will also arrange catering gigs for you in Tompkins County (including Cornell). These gigs will help you build your reputation and business as part of our Food Entrepreneurship Program, an educational program designed to advance just economic development and social well-being in the local area.

The application is due on 9/29/17. Please email Chris or Lara (below) for a copy.  Hard copies are also available at CCETC (615 Willow Avenue).

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Chris ( or Lara ( We are also happy to meet with you before you apply to talk about your plans. We want to help you write the strongest application you can.

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