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Mulch for Organic Vegetables: Published by Cornell Small Farms Program

The Cornell Small Farms Program has published an article titled Mulch for Organic Vegetables–Grown in Place as part of the Summer 2017 edition of its Small Farms Quarterly. The article discusses the use of organic mulches such as straw or hay by small farms, the challenges large farms have using these organic mulches, and the possible solutions being researched.

One solution detailed is to utilize a practice called “Cover Crop-Based, Organic Rotational No-Till”. This involves using a device known as a roller-crimper, which knocks down the mulch plants. Then a no-till planter plants seeds in high density parallel to and in the same direction as the knocked down mulch plants. The crops, soybeans in the example case, were of the same or better quality than those planted using typical methods.

For more information, read the full article here.

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