Anabel’s Grocery strives to stem food inequity at Cornell
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Anabel’s Grocery strives to stem food inequity at Cornell

A new grocery store will open on Cornell’s campus in an attempt to stem food inequity at Cornell, according to a press release from Cornell. At Cornell, more than 20 percent of students admit to skipping meals due to financial constraints.

“We ran through a lot of ideas, such as food pantries, subsidized meal swipe programs, meal sharing programs that have worked well in other schools, but ultimately we decided on this model,” said Adam Shelepak ’17.

Students who demonstrate the highest need for food will be able to apply an anonymous subsidy for their groceries at the checkout and receive an 8 to 10 percent discount.

Anabel’s Grocery is also now in the Cornell curriculum. In the new applied economics and management course Social Entrepreneurship Practicum: Anabel’s Grocery, students learn social entrepreneurship by working with the grocers, taking concepts taught in the classroom and applying them to Anabel’s.

<read the full press release here>

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