Real Talk: A Southside Community Center Teach-In
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Real Talk: A Southside Community Center Teach-In

Announcement from Southside Community Center:

REAL TALK is a new program/series presented by Southside Community Center, Inc.

We will hold our first teach-in on April 15th, from 11-2PM. This event will include two sessions and a one hour lunch provided by GreenStar Community Projects.

REAL TALK welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds – and is being designed to specifically engage Black (and of color) teens and young adults. The conversations and teachings presented are intended to empower marginalized populations and collectively name realities of the present moment. We will do this by being specific about the needs of our communities and do what it takes to prepare young leaders of color. Additionally we will focus on ways to confidently establish strategies to dismantle racism, interrupt internalized racism,

Confirmed teaching sessions/workshops include:

“Eurobliviousness” by Dr. Nia Nunn

This presentation is in response to a chronic desire/need for many local White folks to experience Race 101.

“The Girls Who Spun Gold” by Nydia blas

This Artist Talk about her current body of work focuses on her lived experience as a girl, teenage mother, and woman of color. There will be a special focus on the photographer and subject relationship.

“The Black Agenda” by Kim Nicolas

This talk is about POWER: what it is and is not, why it is important, and how we as Black/African people must use it individually and collectively to regain control over our own past, present, and future.
*Black folks only*

“Building coalitions for the RESISTANCE” by Zillah Eisenstien

This is an opportunity to think together about supporting the many endangered people in this moment of TRUMPISM. We will talk about national actions for May 1st and the local May 1st action.

Presentaions also by:
Walaa Horan &
Decarecerate Tompkins County

During our lunch hour a talk will be led:

“Food Sovereignty in the Southside” Katie Cox

Let’s talk about food sovereignty and urban gardening in the Southside neighborhood. What do we want? What do we need? How much do we want to produce? Let’s start this conversation!!!

Please check back for updates on sessions as they are added!

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