Food: A Spiritual Connection
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Food: A Spiritual Connection

Written by Reverend Olivia Armstrong of the Rainbow Healing Center of America

In the beginning, there was a garden. In the garden, there was the tree of Knowledge. Today trees are the spiritual foundation of life for all human beings. I believe all human beings come to earth full of potential like the seed we plant in the earth. Like humans, our seeds also grow according to the care and love we put in them. To draw out the best of all species (humans and the plant kingdom) we must know the kingdom we are working with and give them proper nourishment (soil, sun, water). We also need to nurture them with individualized care. Having a spiritual connection means the plant, while growing will tell you what it needs. When your food plants and herbs start sending you messages by mental telepathy of what they need, then you will know you have a spiritual connection with whatever you are growing.

Reverend Olivia Armstrong in her garden

My intuitive consciousness with nature (trees and plants) started in 2009. To my surprise, while I was sitting on the front lawn at Kay’s Rare Cactus and Succulent Green House, I heard an inner thought… not of my own: “Do you see how the irises and the hospice plants catch the Maple tree branches that have fallen?” In thought, I replied “Yes.” An after-thought popped up. We as Humans of the Animal Kingdom should be able to catch each other when we can, regardless of race, color, creed or gender. 

These intuitive thoughts came while sitting in a state of quietness in nature. I believe one must be open minded and in a state of mental awareness in order to hear and discern what your plants, flowers and/or trees are intuitively or telepathically trying to communicate to you.

The Higher Calling of a Freezer!

After moving back to Ithaca in 2012, I continued to be proactive in social justice and community activism, while executing many programs through the Rainbow Healing Center or America Inc. (RHC of America). One day I was walking down Seneca Street and intuitively was told to go into Thayer’s Appliance Store, to inquire about a deep freezer. I had thoughts of purchasing a deep freezer about a month before. My thoughts had come and gone since then, since there is only one individual in my household. I entered Thayer’s to find out the cost. The cost was $439.00, with a great layaway plan.

I started thinking of different ways the freezer could be used and how it could be used for community purpose. The next few days, I met with some of (RHC of America) Advisory Board members. We discussed the financial obligations and the community usage. I was given the green light for purchase and fundraising.

We started with RHC of America’s local business supporters. Our first stop was Big Time Barber Shop in the Ithaca Commons, with owners “Uncle Joe and True.” It was always crowded with people and families (with children) waiting for hair-cuts along with good teaching programs. I informed “True” of our freezer project and asked if we could sell dinners to his clientele on weekends, until we raised enough to purchase our freezer. He agreed and asked us to supply a weekly menu and a time of delivery. Sometimes RHC volunteers would do the cooking and on special occasions, Chef Isaac would travel back and forth to Ithaca from the South where he lives. His menu of shrimp fried rice, jerk chicken, collard greens, beans and rice, and much more is always enjoyed and liked… I could always depend on Diaspora workers and other Ithaca Common businesses to place a dinner order. We thank the Big Time Barber Shop, “True”, their clientele and the other Ithaca Commons businesses for their donations and support. Our purchase was a reality in 2014.

Since 2015 and 2016, the freezer was used by the Youth ‘Cash’ Entrepreneurs “Icy Cart Program”. The freezer was also used at the 2016 Grassroots Festival in Trumansburg, NY. Congo Square sponsored the food vending stand with Chef Isaac as Lead Chef and Jhakeem Haltom, Congo Square Director, with New Roots Student Entrepreneurs – at Grassroots. Today, we store food in the freezer from our Rainbow Garden plot – grown at the Ithaca Community Gardens (we store frozen kale, collard greens, peppers, some herbs, pestos, and chard) for individuals who are low on meals and need a little extra for holidays and family occasions.

Community can be built around things people don’t really even think of. The freezer brought community together. And the projects would not have been able to be done if we did not have the freezer. So it played a vital role. Everybody has a spiritual connection. But they don’t always listen to what their intuition is telling them!


For more information please contact: Rainbow Healing Center of America Inc., 

Ms. Olivia Armstrong, Executive Director


2017 Farm to Plate Conference mid-May between Cornell & Downtown.

Spring Lecture TBA – Food-A Spiritual Connection with Homeopathic Chef Issac – Food is Your Medicine


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  1. Rev. Armstrong is an amazing leader and healer. We miss her spirit of love and leadership here in Detroit! We send you greetings for all the amazing work that you do and we look forward to your return to your other home here at The Hush House Leadership and Training Institute for Human Rights!
    Blessings, Prof. Mama Sandra and Dr. Charles Simmons

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