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Upcoming Talks on “Food Dignity” and “Growing Resilience”

The director of the Food Dignity project, Christine Porter, is coming to town! She’ll be giving a talk in the Nutrition department on her work with the Food Dignity project, as well as her new one–Growing Resilience. It involves studying the health impacts on gardeners on a reservation in Wyoming. Come on out–Thurs, Sept 29, 12:20pm, Savage Hall. Savage Hall is near the ag quad, also near the round Bailey Hall, where you may have been for concerts.

Growing Dignity & Resilience: Action research for food sovereignty with five communities in the US
In the late 1800s, the US government sponsored the slaughter of millions of bison in an attempt to starve the indigenous nations of the Great Plains into submission and death. Today, about 10,000 Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone descendants of survivors live in Wind River Indian Reservation. Many suffer from being stuffed with commodities and starved of sufficient, appropriate, and nutritious foods. Blue Mountain Associates (BMA) — one of five community partners in the Food Dignity project (others included East New York Farms! in Brooklyn and Whole Community Project in Ithaca) and now the lead community partner in the Growing Resilience project — is facilitating food system change to regain food sovereignty. In this presentation, Porter (Community Nutrition PhD from DNS in 2010; PI of both projects) will share some of the process, results and lessons from these food justice research partnerships ( &

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