Worst drought in decades is also hidden, says New Food Economy
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Worst drought in decades is also hidden, says New Food Economy

NYS is experiencing its worst drought in decades, according to New Food Economy Magazine. But casual observers can’t even see it: the drought does not look like the photo here.

However, writes Matt Kelly, “Drive along the rural roads in the western part of the state—where conditions are at their worst and you’ll see stunted, spiky corn. Grape, vegetable and grain production are all threatened. Livestock farmers have already begun feeding their animals hay because there has been no real pasture this year; at the same time, there is little hay stored away for the winter because there have been no second cuttings from the hayfields. Ponds and streams are running dry, and rainfall is down more than 25% across much of the state. The resulting increases in economic costs (both in terms of labor and logistics) are mounting.”

Read the entire New Food Economy article here.

Image credit: USDA ARS Image Gallery photo by Jack Dykinga. Engineers use a machine to demonstrate wind erosion on a conventionally-farmed field. Also, notice the dust cloud rising on the horizon. Cover crops, no-till farming, and other sustainability measures can help build soil and prevent erosion like that shown here.

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