Extra garden produce? Donate at Neighborhood Food Hubs
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Extra garden produce? Donate at Neighborhood Food Hubs

From Friendship Donations Network:

Now in its fourth year, Friendship Donations Network’s Neighborhood Food Hubs make donating garden produce easy.  Simply drop off your extra vegetables, fruit and eggs at one of the 17 Neighborhood Food Hubs, and we will distribute it to area food programs the next day!

No donation is too small.  An extra tomato here, an extra zucchini there, it all adds up quickly.  In the first three years of the program, local gardeners and CSA members donated more than 11,000 pounds of produce!

There is at least one active Neighborhood Food Hub on every day of the week from July 1 – October 1, with hubs located in Ithaca, Danby, Dryden, Groton, Lodi, Newfield and Trumansburg.  For more information, visit https://friendshipdonations.org/hubs/

About Friendship Donations Network:   Founded in 1988 by Sara Pines, Friendship Donations Network rescues fresh, nutritious food from stores and farms — food that would otherwise be thrown away — and redistributes it to neighbors in need. We serve 2000 people a week through 30 hunger relief programs, and divert over 1,000 pounds of good food from local landfills every day.

Photo courtesy of Early Morning Farm

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