Springing Into Summer Thoughts
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Springing Into Summer Thoughts

May and June left me wondering about people’s impression on options for food in Ithaca and the visibility of farmers/laborers. One interview was littered with questions about the food prices and cost of living’s impact on the residents’ ability to engage with the food system in Ithaca. Does the healthy, vegan, gluten-free and dairy free food industry or restaurants leave some people out of the loop because they can’t identify with the cuisine? What does local food mean to the community? Does Ithaca have multicultural and inclusionary cuisine?

What do the questions above mean for the food system and food equity initiatives in Tompkins County? How can folks with food system concerns connect with those who shape the food system? What do you think? I postulate that entities like the Tompkins County Food Policy Council and other advocacy groups could streamline community members’ concerns to better inform policy-makers. The Tompkins County Food Policy Council was formed earlier this year and has met monthly since February. The council has a tab on Hot Potato Press that will inform the community of their projects and progress. For more updates follow https://www.facebook.com/TCFoodPolicyCouncil/

As we move further into the summer, I will continue to have these questions swirling in the back of my mind. Tell us your thoughts! If you would like to submit an article or an interview, please email kristina.hotpotato@gmail.com.

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