What Was I Eating Back Then
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What Was I Eating Back Then

Hot Potato Press’ first theme of the month is School Food and I chose to start it off with asking a question to folks who have been out of grade school for a while! I asked, “what do you remember about school food?” I was able to interview three individuals from New York City, Ithaca, and North Carolina. It was a hilarious trip down memory lane!

My first interview was with Dubian Ade from New York City. He recalls his experiences as a youth in the Bronx. Watch his interviews here at https://youtu.be/nWKYg47-8TU

Some questions I had after the interview were:

  • Is junk food a choice for low-income families or do they have to eat it due its accessibly and price?
  • What the heck is blue juice and can we get it in Ithaca?

Dubian Ade is a poet, activist and editor of a news source. For some of his work click here.

If you would like to write a response to this article or any questions I raised. Please contact hot potato press at kristina.hotpotatopress@gmail.com



Photo Credit: Library of Congress

Video Credit: Kristina Camille Sims


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