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How do I share news and stories with Hot Potato Press?

Hot Potato Press welcomes writing, announcements, photography, art, and press releases from the Ithaca and Tompkins County community. The simplest way to contribute is to email our editor, Kristina at

The full details are below:

Hot Potato Press Content Guidelines
(updated March 2016)

Writers’ guidelines

Hot Potato Press is the online food news and networking hub for Tompkins County, created to support a just, healthy, and sustainable food system. It was launched in Spring 2015 by a team of dedicated volunteers, GreenStar Community Projects (501c3), and editor Alison Fromme, with generous support from the Park Foundation. Beginning in May 2016, Kristina Camille Sims will be the new editor.

The mission of Hot Potato Press is to

  1. To support conversation and encourage community awareness and action around food issues by:
    1. offering local food news of all sorts;
    2. providing a place for online commenting about food issues;
    3. highlighting efforts to improve the food system; and
    4. serving the needs of the Feeding Our Future Network of businesses, organizations and individuals working to improve the food system in Tompkins County.
  1. To feature the food-related needs and concerns of underserved and under-represented people by:
    1. regularly including information about opportunities for improved access to healthy food; and
    2. inviting and including the voices of people from those constituencies.
  1. To support transparency, truthfulness and dialogue in the food system, by:
    1. following a journalistic code of ethics;
    2. actively seeking out engagement and the expression of diverse perspectives;
    3. avoiding the promotion of one particular business or product; and
    4. serving its readers, those working to improve the local food system, and the whole Tompkins County community.

How to submit writing, photography, and art to Hot Potato Press

Hot Potato Press welcomes contributions of writing, photography, and art from Tompkins County residents and from people engaged with the Tompkins County food system (who do not reside within the county boundaries). In order to be published on the site, writing, photography, and art must follow the Hot Potato Press Guidelines outlined here. Submissions can be sent to If you would like to be a regular contributor, we can set you up as a WordPress user, please just let us know what your interests are.



By contributing content, you are giving Hot Potato Press the right to use your writing, photography, or art on the site for as long as the site exists. Hot Potato Press will credit you for the work, by including your name as author, photographer, or artist. You retain copyright to your work and can repost, reprint, or sell it as you wish.


Content is divided into three main categories

When contributing content (writing, photography, or artwork,) please consider the audience category and the type of content it falls under.

  1. Food and Eating (Audience: Eaters)
  2. Farm and Food Business (Audience: Business people)
  3. The Big Picture (Audience: Change-makers)


General guidelines

*All content must be factual and accurate, with references.

*All content must be directly relevant to Tompkins County (either focus on a person here, or an issue that directly affects us here).

*Content must be: 1) useful, 2) surprising, and/or 3) move the food system conversation forward.

*Must fit with one of three target audiences: eaters, business people, or change-makers.

*Opinion articles must be clearly marked as opinion and cite references where appropriate.

*Be nice. Offer suggestions and idea for improvement. Debate and challenge ideas, not individuals. Refrain from ranting. No personal attacks.

*Must not break the law (no plagiarism, libel, or invasion of privacy, etc).


Articles, event announcements and press releases

*Members of the community are welcome to submit event announcements, press releases, photography, art, opinions, and other content.

*With submissions, please include a digital image, preferably 700 pixels wide and horizontal orientation, and credit the photographer or artist.

*Please submit event announcements at least two weeks in advance.



Written pieces are generally 250-500 words. Longer pieces should be divided into sections with headings, or split into a series of posts over several weeks.


Monthly Content Schedule

The first Wednesday of each month, Kristina Camille will publish three “conversation starters” about the featured theme, in each of the three categories on the website (Food & Eating, Farm & Food Business, and The Big Picture). These “conversation starters” will be a mix of:
-original articles written by Kristina Camille, members of the Collective Impact team, Community Dinners leaders or participants, the Feeding Our Future Network, the Food Policy Council, or any community member.
-links to articles published on other websites, such as Sustainable Tompkins, Ithaca Voice, etc.
-lists of surprising facts about a subject.
-photos that represent problems or solutions in our food system.
-anything else to start a conversation.

Each “conversation starter” will conclude with a “call to action.” A “call to action” could be a:
-question for readers to discuss in the comments
-link to sign a petition
-link to edit and comment on a proposed local policy change
-volunteer opportunity with a specific program or organization
-invitation to attend a meeting about the issue
-any other action related to the article.

The second week of the month, no new content will be posted (unless readers comment on articles).

The third week of the month, articles, comments, and other responses will be published, along with any other food news, press releases, or announcements submitted by community members. Articles will be shared on Facebook and via email.

The fourth week of the month, a recap will be published: What have we learned? Where do we go from here? This will either be written by the editor or a volunteer.

The proposed themes are:
May- School Food and Summer Food Options
June- Co-ops
July- Farmworkers and Laborers
August- Bounty and Scarcity
September- Food Justice and focus on GSCP
October, November, December- to be determined (note: Oct, Nov, Dec allow flexibility in the schedule, in case new themes arise or previous themes need to be revisited)

Questions? Contact

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