Ithaca Farmers Market moves back to Steamboat Landing
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Ithaca Farmers Market moves back to Steamboat Landing

This Saturday, the Ithaca Farmers Market will be at Steamboat Landing from 9am until 3pm, with all kinds of veggies, meats, prepared foods, drinks, and crafts. For example:

  • Peter Larson, from Just a Few Acres Farm in Groton, NY says he’ll be there with chicken, eggs, and pork.
  • Shannon Brook Farm will have organic pork, grass fed lamb and certified organic eggs. We are in stall #50.
  • Cayuta Sun Farm is looking forward to attending both Saturday’s and Sundays
    this year. We’re bringing grass and forest pastured poultry and pork. Our
    log-grown shiitake mushrooms will not make an appearance until mid-May.
  • On opening market day, Six Circles Farm will have: Red fingerling and blue potatoes, Red and yellow onions, Kohlrabi, Hakurei turnips, Purple yellow and orange carrots, Kale, Spinach, Watermelon radishes, Daikon radish, Burdock root (gobo), Salsify root, Parsnips, and garlic w basil powder

Plan to bundle up. The weather forecast is overcast with rain showers at times. High 52F. Winds WSW at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 60%. Winds could occasionally gust over 40 mph.

Perhaps that’s all the more reason to support the farmers who will be freezing their butts off there? In the meantime, check out these gorgeous photos of the market.

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