Edible Acres: A local permaculture nursery
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Edible Acres: A local permaculture nursery

From Sean at Edible Acres:

Hello to you in this snowy and cold time of year.  As we snuggle near the wood stove and enjoy indoor time, I’m guessing a lot of you love to look at plant catalogs and dream about spring gardening and plans for the future.  What a great time to dream!

I’m writing to remind you that before you commit to buying plants from far away places that you check out your local permaculture nursery first!  You may be surprised how many things we have!  Why not save on shipping costs and get plants grown where you live!  Sure, you can get raspberries wrapped in plastic sent to you from Oregon, but if they are dug up from YOUR region and provided to you fresh out of the ground when you are ready to plant, wouldn’t that feel great?

Maybe you know you’re excited to get a lot more planted this spring but you don’t know the specifics yet.  That’s great too, take your time!… You may love our CSA option of investing now to get much stronger buying power later.  $50 gets you $55, $100 gets you $115 and $200 gets you a whopping $240 ($40 worth of free plants!)  We offer Gift Cards with this same model that may be a great option for a loved one.

Lastly, we’d love to remind you that if you need support in your vision we’re here to help.  Site consultation, planning, design and installation are all offered by Edible Acres at sliding scale rates that are WAY below what most others charge.  Let us know how our 10 years of experience can help you get your dreams up and running this spring!  You think you can’t afford it?  Email us and have dialog about your needs and we’ll make it work.  Barter, trade, pay it forward, we’re open to your needs.  Permaculture needs to serve ALL of our community.

We can’t wait to see ya this spring!  Happy Winter and stay warm in the mean time!

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom!  As a reward for reading through this whole email, come to a plant sale this spring and say the bonus word ‘rutabaga’ and we’ll give you a free raspberry plant! 🙂

Image credit: Red Currants, photo by AF

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