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Recipe: Latkes without recipes

From Early Morning Farm: “One of the easiest recipes to make with leftover veggies is fritters or latkes. If you’re looking for some ideas beyond the traditional potato version, look no further! We’ve grated up most of the veggies on our farm and panfried them into crispy pancakes. Even if the title says fritters these […]

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Free food in Ithaca and Tompkins County (Dec 2015)

From Friendship Donations Network: Friendship Donations Network (FDN) provides produce, breads, desserts, dairy, deli, and groceries (if available) to the programs listed below. For a complete listing of food pantries and community meals in Tompkins County, please visit: Updated December 1, 2015. Monday – Friday: Loaves and Fishes. Free daily meals. All are welcome. […]

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Local gifts for local foodies

Looking for practical-but-lovely gifts for your special someone? Here are a few ideas — and please feel free to add your own ideas in the comments. Food Itself: A homemade casserole, gourmet foods, and gift baskets. DIY Gifts: Homemade gifts for the foodie in your life. Don’t know how? Check out the classes at the […]

Who farms in Ithaca and Tompkins County?

Who farms in Ithaca and Tompkins County? With more than 550 farms in the county, there is no single answer to that question. Here are just three examples of people in the farming scene: Burmese Refugees at Groundswell Center for Local Food and Farming Polestar Farms at Ithaca Farmers Market Bensvue Organic Dairy with Organic […]

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Events you won’t want to miss

Get your tickets to Can You Dig This at Cinemopolis on Thursday, December 3 This Sat Dec 5th from 11 am – 6pm is the Alternative Gift Fair at The Space, offering holiday shoppers a choice of holiday “gifts” to honor family and friends while supporting local charities and non-profit organizations in a festive atmosphere. […]