Groundswell Center Events and Trainings

Groundswell Center Events and Trainings

The Groundwell Center for Local Food and Farming is a great resource in Tompkins County.   Specifically, the center provides information and skills relating to local, sustainable, ecologically sound farming methods and techniques, and provides farmer to farmer network opportunities, among other engaging community programs and events.

Their Mission is as Follows (from their website); “to engage diverse learners and empower them with skills, knowledge and access to resources, so they can build sustainable land-based livelihoods and equitable local food systems. We help people become successful small-scale farmers and homestead food producers through practical, on-farm training. Our peer-to-peer networks build community and foster skills-sharing among farmers, homesteaders and “food citizens.

Please visit for more information.

Image credit: Photo from NRCS Image Gallery

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