Local meat project featured on NPR
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Local meat project featured on NPR

The Finger Lakes Meat Project is an initiative to grow the freezer trade –sales of meat in bulk quantities such as whole, half and quarter animals– to the benefit of both regional livestock farmers and consumers. To do that, they’ve created a searchable online directory of farms and two community freezers, called Meat Lockers, in Ithaca and Corning. Recently, the project has received attention from the national press:

  • “Next time you go to the grocery store to buy meat, consider this: It would probably be much cheaper per pound to buy a whole animal directly from a farmer, eliminating the middleman. But storage can be a problem.” <read the rest on NPR>
  • “Ever look at a pound of bacon and think, ‘Ya know, this is good and all but what I’d really like is the whole … hog’? No? Me neither, but for folks who prefer their meat full-bodied, there are certainly benefits to purchasing an entire animal instead of just the cuts. Pound for pound, it’s cheaper to buy in bulk, and you can often cut out the middleman and buy direct from the farmer. Unfortunately, there’s also the inevitable storage problem when you’re dealing with an entire animal carcass…” <read the rest on Grist.org>
  • “Why buy 1 pound of hamburger meat from a local farmer when you can buy 5 pounds — plus another 20 pounds of stew meat, steaks and roast — for as little as half the price of what it all goes for at the market?” <read the rest on NPR>

Image credit: USDA ARS Image Gallery Photo by Stephen Ausmus

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