Corn Soup, Fry Bread, Tacos, Empanadas & More!
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Corn Soup, Fry Bread, Tacos, Empanadas & More!

Announcement from the Multicultural Resource Center:


Saturday, October 3, 2015, 10 am – 5:30 pm, Dewitt Park, Ithaca
11 am – Traditional Opening & Welcome
Mayor Svante Myrick & Dan Hill, Cayuga Nation

Dan Hill, Cayuga, Flute
Puka Inti, Quechua, Zamponas
Daygot Leeyos, Seneca, Spoken Word
Smoke Dance Competition coordinated by John Block
Tabletop 3, featuring Curtis Waterman, Onondaga
Craig Luther, Diné, Flute
Martinez Crew, Mexica

Arts & Crafts:
Clothing, Flutes, Jewelry, Beadwork, Paintings and MORE!

Children’s Activities:
Amazing Pete’s Balloon Creations, Storytelling, Cornhusk Doll Making, Face Painting, Card Making, Two Row Wampum Bracelet Making, Home Depot Building Projects

Food Vendors:
Corn Soup, Fry Bread, Tacos, Empanadas & More!
Vegan/Veggie Options

Cultural Demonstrations:
Alf Jacques, Onondaga, Lacrosse Sticks
Alejandro Agvavil, Tsachila, Culture Exchange
Amador Benites, Quechua, Manta Weaving
Ocelotl Yollotl, Mexica, Clay Bird Whistles

For Information Contact:
Fabina B. Colon (607) 272-2292

Image credit: Photo courtesy of the USDA ARS Image Gallery

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