Reflections on Open Day at Ithaca Community Garden
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Reflections on Open Day at Ithaca Community Garden

Ms Olivia green tomatoes copyFor me, August 2nd was a day like being in Heaven. It was Ithaca Community Garden’s (ICG) Open Day in the community. Everyone was welcome to observe and come out and play. For me it was a chance loving another day at a community event …I’m so glad that I went.

The Garden Tours were divine. I enjoyed and had a great time as I escorted Ms. Holly Payne through the beautiful plots of the Garden range.

Our first stop was Chaoo’s community memorial plot. We were told that his plot was shared a lot (mainly through Food Hub Donations). We also came across the KID ZONE (where there was no need for cell phones for entertainment). Holly and I enjoyed watching the kids playing the name game with the different fruit and veggie photos.

Rainbow Healing GardenThen we came upon the “Rainbow Garden”, which I named and grew the vegetables and fruits by myself, with great help from the little nature elves.☺ My plot is about 3ft. to 4ft. high, giving me the feeling my plants will reach the sky. My high-bed was about 25ft long, every time I gardened there, I heard a nature song. This was about a 9th harvest for me over a two month period. I thank Ms. Holly for helping me weed and pick cucumbers, cabbages, broccoli and zucchini.  I had enough to give to others — that’s the true nature of being earthly brothers and mothers. I thank the Universe for the new love I discover. Getting back to basics was Mother Earth’s message for me to recover.

Ms Olivia broccoliI named it the “Rainbow Garden” because it is very unique and mystic, and grown from the donations of many vegetable plants from the Groundswell Center for Local Food and Farming. It gave me a new love for a new kind of charm. For me the “Rainbow Garden” tells one of the Greatest Life’s Commandments. ‘Love Thy Neighbor as Thy Self’. Regardless of the diversity and differences, we all come from the same MYSTIC (God, Allah, Buddha, Hindu this includes everybody and you too).

Peace and Love,

Ms. Olivia Armstrong
Ithaca Community Garden
Education Community Member

Image credit: Photos by Holly Payne

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