A new used kitchen?
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A new used kitchen?

Looking for inexpensive kitchen gear and appliances? The folks over at Finger Lakes ReUse recently sent Hot Potato Press a list of kitchen items they usually have in stock.

“Our inventory changes daily depending on the items that people are donating to our organization for reuse,” says Director of Development Jackie Doherty. “And prices vary based on an item’s condition and quality.”

What might it cost to put together a whole kitchen from scratch, including dishes, appliances, cabinets, and countertops? Perhaps $800? A brand new remodel averages $80,000, according to HGTV.

Here’s the estimated price list from Finger Lakes ReUse:

Dishes, utensils, cups: $0.25+
Pots and pans: $2+ each
Countertops: $12+
Small appliances: $5+
Microwaves: $30+
Dishwashers: $45+
Mini fridges: $30+
Full size fridges: $150+
Stoves and ovens: $100+
Cabinets: $25+ per cabinet, or $250+ for complete kitchen sets
Tables: $15+
Chairs: $5+
Shelves: $10+

“All of the items in our store are made available thanks to the generosity of our material donors and the hard work of our staff, volunteers, and trainees who help us proactively procure donations and help us process incoming materials for reuse,” Jackie says.

In addition to their retail reuse center open to the public at Triphammer Marketplace, Finger Lakes ReUse also offers:

A greener alternative to demolition

A computer reuse, repair, and refurbishing program

A job skills training program

A community-based repair program

An interactive online tool to help communities start their own ReUse Centers

Image credit: Photo courtesy of Finger Lakes ReUse

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