Event: A food policy conversation for Tompkins County
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Event: A food policy conversation for Tompkins County

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Wednesday, July 29th, 5:30 – 8:00 pm
Borg Warner Room at Tompkins County Public Library
A Feeding Our Future Network Conversation.

Light supper provided for pre-registrants.  To register contact holly@greenstar.coop or 607-277-0020 ext 509.


We all eat. A lot of us love to eat local. We care deeply about the food we eat and the farmers who grow it. But most of us tend to ignore an important piece of our food system – the policy piece. That’s in spite of the fact that almost all of our food choices are shaped – and limited – by local, state and national policies.

Many communities are beginning to take food policy into their own hands by creating a Food Policy Council to advise local governments and promote policies that will encourage a more locally-based, sustainable and equitable food system.

About a year ago, concerned citizens got together to start working on creating a Food Policy Council for Ithaca and Tompkins County. We have drafted a framework for the Council and are now beginning to seek input from local individuals, organizations and businesses to refine the framework. We are also looking for potential Council members who can represent diverse policy stakeholders, including low-income consumers, farmers, food workers, and food business owners.

Most of the initial 25 members of the Council will be elected this fall from different sectors of the food system, with a focus on those who currently do not have a strong voice in food policy. Some will be appointed by groups with a special stake in the food system or that work closely with people who tend to be underserved by it.

You can hear all about the Food Policy Council and share your views on food policy at the next meeting of the Feeding Our Future network, on Wednesday, July 29th, at 5:30 pm, at the Tompkins County Library. This session is free (and will include a serving of healthy food) but pre-registration is requested. You can do that be contacting holly@greenstar.coop or 607-277-0020 ext 509.

Anyone can become a Friend of the Food Policy Council, simply by submitting your name, address, and contact information (phone and/or email). Friends will receive periodic updates and be able to seek a seat on the Council, and/or to vote for the candidates, in the Fall. If you want to be a Friend, to learn more, to offer your ideas on how the food system could be improved, or to become involved in helping the Council to get started, please contact the Planning Group at tcfoodpolicycouncil@gmail.com or 607-252-6695.

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