Jobs in Accommodation and Food Services

Announcement from Tompkins Workforce New York: Tompkins Workforce New York will be combining their upcoming Sector Series on “Retail Trade” with “Accommodation and Food Services” on May 14th from 9-11am at the Tompkins County Public Library.The Sector Series spotlights local employers representing in-demand occupations and provides a chance for job seekers to learn more about their businesses / organizations and gain insight into their hiring processes. Join us and hear from panelists, network and gain up-to-date knowledge […]

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Before grocery shopping, do this

Written by Aner Tal and Katherine Baildon of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab: New research from the Cornell Food and Brand Lab titled: “An Apple a Day Brings More Apples Your Way: Healthy Samples Prime Healthier Choices” by Dr. Aner Tal and Dr. Brian Wansink, was recently published in Psychology and Marketing. The study found that […]