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5 facts about hunger in Tompkins County

In Tompkins County, about 20% of the ~100,000 residents are living below the poverty level. 1) 13,280 people do not have regular access to enough food for an active, healthy life. 2) 3,040 of those without regular access to enough food are children. 3) 28 % of students are eligible for the free lunch program 4) […]

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Young Women Build a Mobile Market Stand

Written by the Youth Farm Project and Hammerstone School Carpentry for Women: Young Women Build a Mobile Market Stand- Bringing Vegetables to Ithaca Neighborhoods LACS Senior Rayna Joyce is spearheading a project for young women to learn carpentry skills while building a mobile vegetable market stand for the Youth Farm Project. This June, 8-12 young women […]

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Why aren’t there any food trucks at Cass Park?

A resident asked Hot Potato Press why there aren’t any food trucks at Cass Park in the evenings. She said that there are so many events, and kids sports, and a healthy dinner option would be great for families. I asked The Smash Truck for their opinion, and they said there are new regulations for food truck permitting, and permits are costly […]

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Learn to Preserve Food

Announcement from CCE-Tompkins: 2015 Canning Classes All classes are $15 per person unless otherwise specified, and will be held in the Teaching Kitchen at CCE-Tompkins, located at 615 Willow Ave, Ithaca, NY 14850. To register, please call Cooperative Extension at (607) 272-2292  (pre-payment  required) or email Carole Fisher at Fresh from the Garden: Homemade Jams Tuesday, […]

New Cider Tasting House Opens on Organic Farm

Press release from Finger Lakes Cider House: Finger Lakes Cider House will open May 8, 2015, at Good Life Farm, for Tastings, Flights, and Food Pairings Featuring Artisan Ciders from 5 Respected Local Producers.  All Ages Welcome. Interlaken, NY — Located on the Good Life Farm, Finger Lakes Cider House is the hub of the exploding hard cider […]

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How the Great Food War Will Be Won

Written by Jonathan Latham, Editor of Independent Science News and Executive Director of the BioScience Resource Project: By conventional wisdom it is excellent news. Researchers from Iowa have shown that organic farming methods can yield almost as highly as pesticide-intensive methods. Other researchers, from Berkeley, California, have reached a similar conclusion. Indeed, both findings met with a very enthusiastic reception. The enthusiasm […]

Fire safety for restaurants

After a fire broke out (and was extinguished) at the Statler Hotel on Cornell’s campus in late April, the Ithaca Fire Department offered us these tips for restaurant fire safety: “It’s important that the restaurant does routine maintenance and has a working fire alarm system. As for patrons, always know the closest exit and exit the building immediately […]