The Co-op Opportunity: Everybody’s Business!
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The Co-op Opportunity: Everybody’s Business!

 Join us for an exciting Feeding Our Future Network program on the opportunity that the cooperative business form holds for our food system, our local economy, and YOU!

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On Wednesday, May 13, the Feeding Our Future Network will proudly host a community conversation on “The Cooperative Opportunity: Everybody’s Business.” The event is from 6-9PM at the GreenStar Space, at the intersection of Court & Fulton Streets. It is free & open to all and includes a light dinner.

Cooperative businesses represent a democratic economic model designed to benefit regular people and communities rather than wealthy shareholders.  As the globalized corporate economy continues to weaken local/regional economies worldwide, co-operative business development and the principle of the “Solidarity Economy” are gaining attention as a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable approach to economic development.

The program will begin with an introduction to the various forms of cooperative businesses, and the economic and social benefits they provide. We’ll then break into small groups for dinner and discussion on selected topics of interest to participants.

The Cooperative Opportunity session is one of an ongoing series of Feeding Our Future Network events sponsored by GreenStar Community Projects.  The role of Feeding Our Future Network is as facilitator and catalyst — bringing people and organizations together to share information and facilitate conversation, connection and collaboration between groups who might otherwise not interact much.

Since 2012, eleven “Feeding Our Future” networking sessions have been held on a variety of local food system issues.  Participants so far include numerous unaffiliated individuals plus representatives of more than 170 local organizations: farms, food businesses, soup kitchens, food pantries, financial institutions, foundations, hospitals, local governments, schools, universities, cooperative extension, local non-profits, religious groups, and social service centers.

  • Build Community Wealth
  • Create a Fair and Inclusive Local Economy
  • Bring Democracy to Work!

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  1. Until I started reading about Coops I didn’t realize what a difference they could make in moving toward wealth equality. Come find out for yourself!

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