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City resident cited for raising backyard chickens

Ithaca City Resident Amanda Zerilli received a notice of arraignment on pending charges for “Keeping of animals prohibited” and was scheduled to appear in court April 29, 2015. The City of Ithaca does not allow the keeping of chickens, except under specific circumstances. “Like many of the other ‘illegal’ chicken keepers in Ithaca, we were under the false impression that, […]

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Dandelion salad, a recipe from Emma Frisch

Local food personality Emma Frisch says, “Dandelion greens can verge on bitter, and fare better in taste and nutrition when they are cooked or lightly wilted. This recipe offers a few sweet, healthy elements for balance: raisins, apples and honey. You can play with this age-old ingredient, sautéing the greens the way you might cook kale, […]

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The Co-op Opportunity: Everybody’s Business!

 Join us for an exciting Feeding Our Future Network program on the opportunity that the cooperative business form holds for our food system, our local economy, and YOU! Register here. On Wednesday, May 13, the Feeding Our Future Network will proudly host a community conversation on “The Cooperative Opportunity: Everybody’s Business.” The event is from 6-9PM at the GreenStar Space, […]

Maple sugar operation rebounds after theft

Last fall, Josh Dolan discovered his chainsaw was stolen. It was old, greasy –smelly even– so he had kept it outside on his porch in the Northside neighborhood, hidden out of sight. “I was devastated,” says Josh. His maple syrup operation in Enfield, Sapsquatch,  could not continue without a chainsaw. Josh uses it to thin […]

Community Supported Agriculture info sessions available for your workplace

Announcement from CCE-TC: Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a mutually supportive and cooperative relationship between the farmer and the consumer.  Customers pay for a crop “share” in advance, and receive a weekly supply of farm fresh produce.  Pickup is either on the farm or delivered to a convenient locations such as a workplace or farmers’ […]

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Are schools becoming the “last frontier” for hungry kids?

In anger, a student knocks over a chair, then tells his teacher he didn’t have dinner last night because his mom was working late. Another student begs her teacher not to tell anyone that she snuck an extra lunch from the cafeteria staff. Yet another shares that he has a secret food tree: a place where he […]

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Workshop: Become a sugar detective

Announcement from Cornell University Wellness Program: Become a Sugar Detective!  Tuesday, April 28, 12:15-1:00 pm, MVR 142 As a parent, your job of offering healthy, non-sugary snacks can be of the utmost importance, and often quite difficult in our fast-paced culture. Join Cornell dietetics students for a workshop unveiling the mystery of common snacks and […]

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Prof Noliwe Rooks on food justice and Michelle Obama

From the Cornell Chronicle: “At first glance, obesity and hunger are the complete opposite of each other. One involves an excess of food; the other, a lack. However, in the talk ‘Michelle Obama, Food Justice and the Big Business of Poverty in the South Bronx’ on April 10 on campus, Noliwe Rooks, associate professor of […]

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Space still available: The Seed-to-Table Experience

Announcement from CCE-Tompkins: Space still available: The Seed-to-Table Experience (6) Tuesdays, April 14-May 19, 4:00-6:00pm Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County, 615 Willow Avenue, Ithaca The Seed-to-Table Experience takes a diverse group of youth ages 12-18 on a hands-on culinary journey in one of the most vibrant food and farming regions in the country. Through […]