Recipes for Spring Cooking from Emma Frisch
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Recipes for Spring Cooking from Emma Frisch

Here are spring musings and recipes from Emma Frisch, a local “home cook, largely taught by my mother, my friends and my olive oil-stained cookbooks.” Emma was also a contestant on Season 10 of Food Network Star.

Let me muse for a moment on Spring Fever, as it storms into town with the first throb of thunder this year and insists on staying, squirreling its way up through the soil in defiant baby green shoots. It might sound as if I’m complaining. Trust me, I’m not. In fact, I’m delirious with the bug!

If we deconstruct this coy phrase, Spring Fever, we learn that Spring (verb) means “to move or jump suddenly upward or forward; to move rapidly or suddenly from a constrained position by or as if by the action of a spring. Fever (noun) means “a high body temperature or state of nervous excitement.” Is this not a fair description, to a T?

-Emma Frisch

Here two of Emma’s recipes that feature spring ingredients:

Spring Broccoli Rabe and Andouille Sausage

Roasted Rainbow Trout with Asparagus


Image credit: Photo courtesy of Emma Frisch

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