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Will the “food events” page include farmer events?

Q: Congratulations Alison and the HPP Team! This is a fantastic new resource for our community. We have badly needed a place to publicize all the farming-related events, classes, and activities that are happening in this area. Question: Will the “Food Events” page include farmer-oriented events? Will farmers have to weed through all the events to find farmer events? Will all the farmer events be listed on the “Farm and Food Business” page? And how do we post an event? Thanks!

A: Thanks for your question! The Events page calendar is an area that we need help with… so if you are reading this and you want to volunteer, we would be forever grateful. That said, the plan is to post event announcements in the category where they fit — for example, an announcement about a farm business class would be posted in the “Food & Farm Business” category. It will also appear on the Events page calendar, which is still under development and will ideally have a mechanism to sort events the way you describe. Anyone can email an event announcement (plain text is best, with a link to the event website) to If you’d like to post to the calendar regularly, but not be in charge of it, we can set that up for you. And, of course, we can also link to the farm events on the Groundswell Center for Local Food and Farming website, which is a very useful resource. Thanks again for reading!



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