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A Moving Feast

Something is simmering in The Finger Lakes. The region has slowly and steadily become one of the country’s premier areas for wine, agritourism and farm-to-table dining. If you live here, you’ve likely tasted bread from Wide Awake Bakery, doused pancakes with Sapsquatch Pure Maple Syrup, sipped wine from Heron Hill or Damiani. Restaurateurs, cider-, wine- […]

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Recipes for Spring Cooking from Emma Frisch

Here are spring musings and recipes from Emma Frisch, a local “home cook, largely taught by my mother, my friends and my olive oil-stained cookbooks.” Emma was also a contestant on Season 10 of Food Network Star. Let me muse for a moment on Spring Fever, as it storms into town with the first throb of thunder […]

Permaculture intern(s) sought for local forest farm

Announcement from Cayuta Sun Farm: Would you like to learn and work on a young and growing woodland farm? We invite you to experience and assist Cayuta Sun Farm as it develops into a permaculture-designed forest farm. In the upcoming year stacks of shiitake mushroom logs, flocks of chicken, a small herd of pigs, and numerous gardens will […]

Fire destroys barn at Tree Gate Farm

An early morning fire Tuesday (3/24/15) destroyed a barn at Tree Gate Farm on Mecklenburg Road. On Facebook, the farmer praised the firefighters for being kind and thorough, and expressed gratitude for other offers of help. No people or animals were hurt, but all the small hand and power tools in the barn were lost to the fire. […]

Job: Farm and Garden Worker

Job description: Farm and Garden Worker at Bejo Seeds, Inc in Geneva, NY This is a unique opportunity for an individual with an interest in agriculture/farming to learn about breeding, production, processing and sale of vegetable seeds for professional outdoor cultivation.  The Bejo facility located in Geneva, NY grows many diverse vegetable crops for research and demonstration […]

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Will the “food events” page include farmer events?

Q: Congratulations Alison and the HPP Team! This is a fantastic new resource for our community. We have badly needed a place to publicize all the farming-related events, classes, and activities that are happening in this area. Question: Will the “Food Events” page include farmer-oriented events? Will farmers have to weed through all the events to […]

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The Most Delicious Fruit You’ve Never Heard Of

Kiwis in Tompkins County? It’s true. In the fall, when you’re browsing at the Farmers’ Market or picking up your fruit share, you might find it: a greenish fruit that looks like a slightly oversized grape. Inside, it looks like a miniature version of the imported kiwi fruit you find at the grocery store, with […]

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Is there an easy way to eat healthy?

Q: I want to eat healthier, but it’s so overwhelming to consider changing my whole diet. Is there an easier way? A: Here’s something to try: Cornell food psychologist Brian Wansink offers some tips that don’t actually have anything to do with the food you’re eating! Check out a few of them in this Mother Jones article, 9 Ways […]